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Welcome to Sean Whitton’s home page on the W.W.W.

I’m currently a graduate student in the philosophy department at the University of Arizona. My main non-philosophical interest is computer programming.

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Recent computing projects


This computer program attempts to convert book chapters downloaded from Oxford Scholarship Online to PDF. The PDFs are better than those the OSO website can generate: the pages of the PDF correspond to the pages of the original book, and the typography is nicer. The hard work is done by Pandoc and LaTeX.


LaTeX class to export Org-mode outlines so that they still look like they do in an Emacs buffer.

Screenshot (143K PNG file); source (GPL v2)

The CRUX GNU/Linux distro

Academic philosophy


Attacking an Argument

Slides (115K PDF) I’ve used to teach 17- and 18-year-olds the basics of philosophical logic. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.


This website is hosted by The SDF Public Access UNIX system (although you may be looking at a mirror that I maintain on my university’s web server).

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