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Mar 2011

Wed, 30 Mar 2011

Quick shot of today's environment. LaTeX folding is now hiding code unless I put my cursor there (note the subheadings) and outline-minor-mode means I can fold up subsections in the same way I can in Org. We also see some Taylor expansions computed using the Emacs calculator, just for fun.


Mon, 28 Mar 2011

~ $ ssh selene uptime
 18:31:55 up 332 days, 14:08,  0 users,  load average: 0.57, 0.46, 0.30

This is very impressive for a box I sysadmin…

Everyone has their diaries on their mobile phones today, right? The data's all in the cloud — and I don't know what that is but it sounds like something I can trust because it has "Google" or "Apple" stamped on it — and so I should be able to see what everyone is doing by looking at their shared calendars on (for example) the university's shared calendaring service based on Microsoft Exchange, shouldn't I?

Never say I'm not up with the trends. Never call me a luddite; a tech conservative. This is my cloud setup. GNU style.

Sun, 27 Mar 2011

Trivially easy inline LaTeX anyone? How about some beautifully syntax-highlighted lisp? Right monitor is the code I type; left hand side shows the result on the web server when I hit C-c C-e P. Ideally I wouldn’t be using MathJax because it’s evil JavaScript, and I’d be using org-mode’s capability to generate images instead, but I’m experiencing some weirdness with that atm that I haven’t yet managed to fix.


Sat, 26 Mar 2011

Today's march is a challenge the rule of money | John Holloway on CommentIsFree

Capitalism is still our enemy. The move of left-wing politics away from an ideological opposition to this is why it continues to fail.

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