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Sep 2011

Tue, 27 Sep 2011

Cage-fight children: club licence to be reviewed after alarm at 'barbarity' | Society | The Guardian

“Getting more young people doing sport is great but I do ask myself whether it really does have to be in a cage,” Hunt told the BBC. “It feels very barbaric and I know there are concerns about children that young doing a sport like that. I think if adults choose to do it, that's one thing … I suppose I do share some of the shock that I think many of your viewers will feel.”

When I first read this paragraph I couldn’t help but think: how perfectly posh Tory those words are, it fits the stereotype perfectly.

Faster than light particles found, claim scientists | Science | The Guardian

Scientists at the Gran Sasso facility will unveil evidence on Friday that raises the troubling possibility of a way to send information back in time, blurring the line between past and present and wreaking havoc with the fundamental principle of cause and effect.

I wonder what Hume would have to say about this. For him reliance on causality is an animal instinct that we have no choice about; does this disprove him because we’re capable of conceiving otherwise on this occasion or is it just the case that we are applying our induction at a higher level?

Wish I had this at school (though admittedly probably wouldn’t have run on my model). Good luck with dat micro.

StarCraft on a TI84 - YouTube

Here’s one running on my model:

Zelda TI-83+ - YouTube

And here’s some exciting news about HotS: Just noticed this when tried to change keybinds. New units in hotkey selection, are they bringing the scourge back? : starcraft

Mon, 26 Sep 2011


Currently on a nine win streak (admitted one left in the first few mins of game) and this has given me enough points to get me up into the top 8 of my Bronze league division. The top two people with their masses of points look rather forever bronze, if my understanding of the Blizzard ranking system (sketchy) is correct—I’m more likely to get promoted to silver before amassing that many points.

Pleased to have finally got the five win streak achievement but kind of want off the streak now because it is giving me ladder anxiety which I don’t usually get.

Edit: Got to 14 wins before losing to a 3 rax random player. Total two of those were immediate quits.

Now that I’ve come to terms with my results from the end of last year I’m developing a new attitude towards my work that I’ll try to briefly record here. What has not worked is expecting lots of myself. Saying that I am just being lazy and should just do it. Telling myself I can do more, believing tutors and parents who tell me to just do it, clearly hasn’t worked. Realistically, what I do do is all I am capable of doing, it seems, and I should accept that.

My attitude is made different by the fact that I now can’t do the very best thing I wanted to do, which is to stay at Oxford to do a masters, and that means that I don’t need a first anymore: going somewhere else, I think a decent 2:1 will be fine. I might get a first if I worked amazingly well but realistically I can’t do that, it’s outside of my ability range, and I should accept that. The result is the same and I end up happier for the lack of self-pressure. Oxford graduate study has plenty of disadvantages (orthodoxy being the biggest), so it’s not all that bad.

Is this giving up? No, it’s accepting the truth about my abilities. I’m going forward far more relaxed about things. Cheered, maybe I’ll do better after all. Hope I have expressed myself well here.

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