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Jun 2012

Thu, 21 Jun 2012

Still very sad about everyone leaving. Have huge amounts of direction, since getting ready for trip to Korea, but have never felt so directionless as I do now.

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Wed, 20 Jun 2012


Loading up sparse MP3 player ready for trip to South Korea departing early Friday morning. Optimistic, since I don't think I'll be running much in the 35–40 degree heat with high humidity.

Sorry the scrot window is visible…

Beating the Anxiety of Online Reading | zenhabits

This post offers a nice way of thinking about experiences in response to people feeling overwhelmed with following things online. I don't usually like the author's writing but I liked this post. This one was also alright.

This is why I will die if I am ever forced to use an Apple Macintosh regularly. Also:

The first takeaway is that Apple OS engineers don't want you to do stuff that they don't want you to do, and they specifically define "stuff they don't want you to do" as "stuff they don't think you want to do." This is actually endemic to Apple forums in general. Whenever someone says "I want focus follows mouse behavior!", some people inevitably reply that "you really don't want to do this". It's that whole "we designed it the right way for everyone" mentality that turns off so many would-be Mac users.

The thought, otherwise, is

So I'll keep using my Macs. They're all just plumbing for Emacs, anyway. And now my plumbing has nicer fonts.

Mon, 18 Jun 2012

We, the Web Kids

A lot of this is wishy-washy and uninteresting. The stuff on copyleft, ยง2, is particularly good though.

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