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Love & responsibility

Something big that's changed in my life recently is that my girlfriend has finally fallen for me. This means that I no longer ever really feel lonely here in Korea, even though my social life has dwindled to my girlfriend and one other solid foreigner friend, with a few other foreigners and Koreans who I see from time to time.

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Oxytocin is not your friend

A divisive issue in my relationship with my girlfriend appears to have been resolved. I've learnt a few things from the process.

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Renewing: new attitude towards my job

I have come to my decision about whether to renew my contract teaching English in my elementary school in South Korea. I will renew my contract. However, I will do so along with a new attitude towards my job and towards when it will end.

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Not enough for her

An issue has arisen in my relationship with my (first) girlfriend, and it hasn't gone away after a month. I'm not going to write about this personal matter as it relates to our relationship right now, but I want to write about it in general terms, as I'm sure we're not the first people to encounter it.

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Renewing my contract

I have been told today that I have to decide whether or not to renew my contract for another year of teaching at my elementary school in South Korea before Friday. This turns out to be a difficult decision, though I thought it would be quite easy. Here is my attempt to explain to myself why it's hard.

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