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After a year in Korea

I recently wrote a series of blog posts commenting on contemporary Korean society after a year living here, and I was disappointed by the way about half of them came out. Further, I didn’t write down my current assessment of my year in Korea for my own self and life. I intend to do that briefly here.

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Visiting the UK in January 2015

I had a very stereotypical post-gap year experience on visiting home for two and a half weeks this month: I felt like nothing there had changed in the slightest and they couldn’t possibly understand all the changes I’d been through!!!11 Well not quite. I felt as though nothing at home had changed, and any respects in which I might have changed vanished, and I was back to being a half-child again, living with my mother and step-father in between university terms, occasionally visiting my father’s house out of guilt and then just abusing him. Living in Korea has of course made me much more adult, but all my adulthood vanished on returning home.

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Experiences applying to university again

I’m applying to fourteen universities for graduate philosophy this year. Last year I applied to around eight US institutions and this year I’m applying to nine US universities and five UK universities. The US applications are mostly just a repeat filling-out of forms, but the UK applications required a great deal of editing of my writing samples for length to fit their much tighter word limits. Here are some observations from doing this.

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Mr Whitton's timers


There are a great deal of absurdities that mean my job offers only rare opportunities for teaching English. One way that I keep myself sane is by making my fulfillment of various institutionally-defined roles as efficient and as low-effort as possible. I might be wasting my time and the time of my pupils, but goddammit, I'm going to do so efficiently.

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Non-vegetarian experiences so far

I've found that I've no real interest in eating any meat. It's either tasteless or just unappealing. I didn't expect this; I assumed that my body would really jump at the chance to eat some meat. By contrast if I'm faced with a some green vegetables I want to just eat and eat.

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