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Rejections and acceptance

Quite a lot has happened to me lately that I think it would be good to try to write out. I've written long e-mails to friends discussing the specifics, but now I want to write more in summary.

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Last Friday night I went to a bar for a Korean friend's birthday; I know this guy via some westerners I know, so there were plenty of westerners there as well as Koreans. Maybe 60% guys, 40% girls. The birthday friend's in his early thirties, so most of his friends had ten years on me. But since this is East Asia, they looked to be in their late twenties. And since this is Korea, in particular, the girls and guys know how to dress and how to make-up, so what you had was a bunch of scruffy western English-teaching guys and a bunch of very attractive Korean men and women of various professions.

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Vacation classes

I've just completed the first two and a half of four and a half weeks of winter vacation classes that I have to teach. The final two commence in two weeks time, after the pupils are back at school for a strange two weeks in the middle of their winter holiday. Normally, I prepare for about nine lessons per week, each of which I teach at least twice with a Korean co-teacher. The preparation is shared between us. However, during the holiday I have to teach twenty-two different classes per week, preparing them all, alone, in the same amount of time I normally have to prepare nine.

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First eight weeks in Incheon

Today was the last day of the school academic year and I'm at the start of two weeks off before I spend the remainder of the school vacation teaching special vacation classes. It took a long time to get settled here since there were so many things to sort out and so many things I didn't know. Though of course my life here both inside and outside of school will change from month to month as I meet different people and spend my time doing different things, as of maybe two weeks ago I have felt properly settled and able to spend all of my free time on things that I am interested in rather than things that I have to do (with one exception to be described below). So now seems like a good time to write about my everyday life here. I won't write much about Korea more generally.

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Pathfinder 2013

This summer I've been DMing a Pathfinder campaign for five friends. It's about three years since I last did any tabletop roleplaying and though in the past we had fun, this summer I've seen a huge difference that is presumably just a result of the group getting older and also having got to know each other better. The sessions have been very enjoyable and we've decided to attempt to continue the campaign over the Internet once I go to Korea and three players go (back) to university. We're hopeful this will work well because so many people now play DnD this way, so though it won't be as good as meeting up around a table, it surely can't be that much worse. We might find it impossible to schedule in sessions but I'm hopeful at this point that we'll be able to.

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