Twitter no longer wants third party clients

Twitter tells third-party devs to stop making Twitter client apps | Ars Technica (via n3hima)

All the attractions of Twitter are disappearing. Its use as a social network. Its cross-accessibility so that owners of all sorts of devices can connect in. The lack of ads. The lack of promoted topics. I’m pleased that my use of Twitter is now just @-replies, and when I get it working again, RSS feeds via Twitterfeed. Oh and the occasional retweet. And mostly via, so if Twitter gets even more evil I will be able to escape with little effort.

Debian changes website design after eleven years

New look for Debian’s websites | Debian — News

Reclaiming Readability

Discovered today after hitting C-x C-r in my browser to activate Readability on a page that they’ve ‘upgraded’ to a non-free software server side closed source implementation with the hope of paying websites back in advertising revenue or something. Pah. Just added it to my todo list to get my own instance of the old code up and running. If anyone does it before me let me know so I can put it in my browser config…

ASCII Portal

ASCIIpOrtal | Cymon’s Games

He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.


Seeker’s Theme from Legend of the Seeker soundtrack

Mediocre show. Undecided on the books. Epic track.

Sinfest RSS feed now has inline images

Now you have no reason not to be subscribed.

Universally open files in external application in Emacs

EmacsWiki: Open With

This means that from my Emacs-based file manager or simply from the open file prompt, if someone is a .mp3 or a .avi or whatever it’ll open with the appropriate application rather than Emacs showing the binary. Very convenient as I can use all my Emacs completion and shortcuts and whatever for everything, and any Emacs file manager. In fact anything in Emacs that opens a file.

How to fix Windows 7 sound under VirtualBox

No Audio in Windows 7 | VirtualBox forums

Glad I’ve finally found this.